The I AM FREE Experience is a high energy empowerment session that promotes Social-Emotional Learning. My team and I make sure your students are engaged, interacting, and having fun during the inspirational presentation. We make sure the whole audience is involved. Several techniques that I like to use are call-and-response and role-playing scenarios, which provide different perspectives and cause students to think critically about new ideas. My DJ, as well as several special guests, will be present to aid in creating a fun atmosphere. This includes but is not limited to successful entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, entertainers, recording artists, professional athletes, and producers. We keep the audience on the edge of their seats by not knowing what's going to happen during the presentation. From an artist performing and talking about the importance of following their dream. To what we call a “LIT” session where a successful entertainer gets the crowd hype and having fun with them dancing. In between the fun speakers will speak on the topics listed below.

List Of Topics Covered​

  1. I AM FREE Movement - I AM FREE Means Shedding The Victim mentality And Embracing Self-Efficacy

  2. My Story 

  3. Mental Health

  4. Mindset Development: My Mind Is The Most Powerful Yet Dangerous Thing

  5.  Life Long Learner

  6.  Discipline, Accountability, Consistency, and Circle of Influence 

  7. Failure — Falling In Love With Failure 

  8.  Impossible = I’m Possible 

  9.  Growth, Letting Go Of  Negativity, Manifestation, Setting Action goals. 

  10.  Dream Bigger & Shattering Limiting Beliefs

  11.  Entrepreneurship 

  12. Life Is A Game  — Which Game Are You Playing (Finite or Infinite)

Each Topic Covered Discusses

The 5 Core Competencies Of

Social-Emotional Learning