The biggets investment you can make is to inest into the minds of our youth. Plant a seed by getting  50 youth self-help books to empower youth in your local community.

I Am FREE: Freedom From The Only Thing Stopping Me is a youth self help book that gives our youth insight on how to cultivate their success through Social-Emotional Learning. The book teaches the five core competencies of Social-Emotional Learning through inspirational stories, quotes, diagrams and positive affirmations. The book when read aloud is a mouthpiece used to spark a change in the ideals of what freedom is. In life the only thing that truly stops us from reaching our goals and aspirations is the man or woman we look at in the mirror.In order to truly be free and successful you must free yourself from all negativity in your life and take control of your life through Social-Emotional Learning.



1. In A State Of Becoming.

2. My Mind Is The Most Powerful Yet Dangerous Thing

3. Made By Me

4. Falling In Love With Failure

5.Playing The Game of Life

6. Impossible=I'm Possible

7. Deciding My Future

8. Dreaming Bigger

9. Champions


Invest Into The Minds Of The Youth (50 Copies)

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